Reloadable Vorlage RFID Card

Ski Vorlage is now using RFID (radio frequency identification) for lift tickets/passes and access control gates.


There is a tiny chip in the card which will register and open the access gate if your card has the valid ticket or pass type.


Once you have the initial card, you can head straight from your car to the lifts. No more line-ups at the ticket counter or fumbling with tickets and wires!


You can reload future passes or lift tickets online. Ticket purchasers will be able to SAVE by reloading their card. Passholders – keep your card for next season and reload online. First trip to the hill, head straight to the lifts.

Where to place your card

Place in a secure pocket on the left side of your jacket. Some coats have a small pocket on the sleeve designed for this. Keep cellphones, credit cards, other resort cards and any foil wrapped items in opposite side pockets.

What to Avoid

DO NOT punch a hole in your season pass as this could damage to the RFID antenna.


Avoid carrying more than one season pass or ticket when going through the gate as the system is unable to read multiple signals at once.


Although these cards are designed to last years, running them through the wash and dry cycle with your laundry may damage and deactivate the card.

What is on my card?

The RFID card contains only a randomly generated number associated with each user profile (stored in our database). No personal or additional information is stored on the RFID card.

What if I lose my card?

Ensure that you have your RFID card in your coat when heading to the hill! Lost, forgotten or deactivated cards will be replaced for $5 and the old one will be deactivated.

Can I use someone else’s card?

NO! Cards are non transferable. Your card is allocated to your profile. You may reload many types of tickets (day, 4 hour, night) as long as it meets the details of your profile.


Season pass holders: your name, photo and pass information is displayed to our inspectors for validation each time you pass though the access gates.


Lift tickets: the category of your ticket is displayed to our inspectors when you pass through the gate, identifying you as an adult, junior, 4 hour, night etc.


Anyone caught using another person’s card will be refused entry to the lift, the pass deactivated and the owner of the pass will lose access for the season.

Will RFID interfere with my other wireless devices?

The radio frequencies used by RFID are assigned by regulatory agencies around the world to help ensure that no interference occurs.