Supervisor Guidelines


Parent or teacher volunteers are very important in the students’ day at the ski area. Here are some helpful tips for making this important trip a success.


  • If travelling on the bus, please remain on board when a Vorlage instructor comes on to address everyone. At Vorlage, we have perfected a system that is efficient in moving a lot of people through the rental process and out to the slopes in a short period of time. Your help may be requested for certain areas, especially in assisting students in putting on boots.
  • In the main chalet, your assistance may be required for putting on lift tickets, storing back packs under the tables, keeping students in their designated area and getting them properly dressed. Sometimes their excitement requires a little control.
  • Once they are heading out to go for their lessons, they may need help in putting on equipment. Please check with a Vorlage instructor on the proper technique first.
  • When on the slopes, assist beginners in getting on and off the chairlift for the first few runs. Once the lessons are finished supervision will be required. It is important to ensure that the students are on trails that are within their ability. Fun and safety can go hand in hand and educating the students on appropriate runs is the best approach. If you require help in this matter, ask one of our instructors.
  • If a volunteer is the designated person in the chalet make sure that your location is known to the Snow School desk. Also, communication between this person and the organiser (usually a cell phone) is necessary in case of an emergency.