Group Organizer Info

Organiser Checklist

  • Reserve your trip on line by filling the registration form or contact 819 459 2301 ext. 210, or email at reservation@skivorlage.com
  • We will send you a confirmation for this booking once we note all details.
  • Review with students the Parent Tips and either print or direct parents to this area on our web site.
  • Obtain signed Parental Consent form and other required school information.
  • All supervisors or chaperones should have access to the Day Guidelines (below), Supervisor / Volunteer Guidelines & Lesson Safety. When everyone is on the “same page”, your trip will be more enjoyable.



Complimentary teacher/chaperones tickets (1 for every 10 students).
Additional discounted parent tickets available.
Gift certificates, promotional vouchers and the Grade 4 & 5 Snowpass may not be used in combination with the program.

If you would like our assistance with student measurements (height, weight, boot size, etc.) at your school, please contact Dan Temple 819 459-2301 ext. 216 or email dtemple@skivorlage.com



Guidelines for Your Day



Weather in this region can be unpredictable, however we adapt to changes and quite often the forecast for Ottawa is not the same as what Wakefield receives. We do understand that there are regulations that school boards must follow. If you must cancel, please call the Vorlage office at 819 459-2301 ext. 210 or 1-877-VORLAGE by 7am on the scheduled day of your visit and leave a message.


Arrival at Vorlage

  • The buses are to pull up in the drop off area in front on the main chalet.
    Keep the students on the bus.
  • One organizer should come to the Snow School counter in the main chalet to inform us of your arrival, if we haven’t already met you at the bus.
  • A snow school instructor will address the students and the chaperones together on the bus.
  • Everyone will then proceed to the chalet where lift tickets will be distributed, and personal belongings (bags) can be stored. All skis & snowboards are to be left on the racks outside. Please keep your group together in one area as there may be other schools present at the same time.
  • Students will be asked to line up in front of the Rental Shop in groups by one of our Snow School Instructors. They will receive equipment based on their number from the trip roster. Boots may be put on in the main chalet. Our instructors will direct them to the appropriate meeting area and then it’s off to their lessons.
  • Switching from skiing to boarding (or vice versa) during the day is not permitted.
  • Students must be aware of their rental equipment number during the day and must return the correct equipment to the Rental Shop at the end of the day.
  • Once the students have headed out on the slopes, the organiser should come to the Vorlage office to finalize the invoice (also bring any unused lift tickets).


Information & Tools

http://myhelmet.ca – information on helmets
http://www.kidsonlifts.org – lift safety tips
OSBIE & Ophea


Guidelines for Ski Trips – Ski Vorlage follows these Guidelines

Registration Form – First step in booking your trip with Vorlage
Parent Tips – Help parents prepare their children for the trip
Supervisor/Volunteer Guidelines – how to help on the trip
Lesson Safety – Safety is priority